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With 2.1 billion visitors a month YouTube has one of the most popular platforms for brand advertisements. YouTube has vast reach and significant targeting abilities for building brand value, brand image, and provide business growth.

MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is providing YouTube ads management services for the last many years right from giant MNCs to big and small enterprises. Our expertise team starts from scratch by understanding business objectives to launch successful ad campaigns on YouTube to give better ROI and conversion rates to our clients

Types of YouTube ads

YouTube ads management provides various ad formats to advertise for better reach and engagement with the desired audience. The ad formats are as follows.

Skippable Ads: This kind of ad is usually played before or during the video and it provides the option to skip the ad after five seconds. The advertisers pay for this type of ad only if the viewer watches these ads beyond five seconds. The ad duration for this kind of ads should be in between 12 seconds to 3 minutes.

Non-Skippable Ads: In this kind, the ads are played before or during the video without the option of skipping ad. This ad format is profitable for those who are aiming to target a broader audience for spreading brand awareness. In this, the ad should have a duration of 15 seconds with all the creative inputs to hold the awareness of the viewers. Here the advertisers pay on a CPM basis.

Bumper Ads: This is the subcategory of a non-skippable ad pattern. Here the ad should be 5 seconds long and the advertisers pay on a CPM basis.

Discovery Ads: These ads are shown just like the ads one sees on the google search result page. When a viewer searches for something on YouTube the discovery ads emerge with the organic search results. Discovery ads have suitable content matching with the organic search results. These kinds of ads appear at the top with the text lines and labelled as Ads.

Non-Video Ads: This kind of ads is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. These ads contain texts and images with a link to direct the viewers to the company’s website to learn more about the product and services that the company is offering. This is a budget-friendly option and beneficial for small-size companies.

Advantages of YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are advantageous for all types of industries and company sizes. There are various ad formats that companies can choose as per their budget. YouTube ads are most popular for their audio-video format that engages viewers in a better way than traditional banner ads. The following are the benefits of YouTube advertising.

  1. Access to a larger audience
  2. Better engagement rate
  3. Various Ad types to promote brand and products
  4. Better leads generation

5. Insights and data to check ad campaign performance

MODULATION YouTube Ads Management Services

MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS has emerged as one of the best digital marketing companies in India and it provides prominent YouTube Ads management services. MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS offer customized YouTube ads services, insight, and data for an audience as well as market size, to formulate the best strategy for our clients to help them in achieving remarkable business growth.

Create Ad Campaign: The first step we do is to open the YouTube ads account for our customer by providing all the required information. As per the business objective, the campaign goal is defined as lead generation, traffic generation, brand awareness, etc. After this ad pattern is decided to cover the maximum audience.

Campaign parameters: Following are the parameters that are compulsory to mention for a good campaign launch.

Targeting: YouTube ads management gives an opportunity to choose a desire audience based on demography, geographical locations, requirements, and preferences for better reach of the ad campaign and to gain better ROI.

Launch Ad Campaign: The ad campaigns are grew using very high-resolution images or videos, high ranking keywords, crisp content, and creative inputs. Once the ad is created, the link is entered and launched by clicking the ‘create campaign tab.

Campaign Audit: Team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS analyze the data provided by YouTube to check the performance of the YouTube ad. This helps in evaluating the campaign’s reach, clicks, CPC, CTR, impressions, engagement rate, and purchases.

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