Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing

PPC Audit

A comprehensive analysis of all your existing PPC accounts and current digital advertising to check what’s working and what’s not, and charting out a roadmap to get you the best results within your budget.

Online Display Advertising

Any form of text, logo, banners or image ads on the internet targeting a well-defined set of viewers to raise brand awareness or drive purchase intent or remarket a product or generate leads.

Pay-per-click ads help you bid for specific keywords targeting exact audience, and you pay only when someone clicks. Useful for local businesses, products with short sale cycle, and immediate-need services.

Programmatic Advertising Services

PAS automates the purchase of digital ads to dynamically bid for impressions across platforms and drive the best possible returns on budgets, helping advertisers tweak their targeting and pricing in real-time.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook helps promote your business page or post a page to target specific users based on location, profile information and demographics. The bids are for per-thousand-impressions and the objective is engaging the customer and not immediate purchase.

Google Shopping

Helpful for eCommerce websites, it is the latest way to market and sell your products. Similar to search ads but particular to product sales and needs product feed creation, bid optimizing and constant.

Twitter Advertising

Promoted Tweets and Twitter ads can help increase website clicks, promote app installs, build a follower base and increase video views by targeting audiences based on interests, location, demographics and language.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn allows ads as per business objective – brand awareness, lead generation or engagement. Ads can vary from sponsored content, sponsored InMails, Text Ads and can be optimized for best results.

YouTube Advertising

Reach the over 30 million viewers per day using TrueView in-stream ads, video discovery ads, bumper ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, all the while targeting specific users based on language, location and search history.

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