Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising


Today with an increase in numbers of internet users, digital marketing has become the most effective and essential way of advertising the products and services a company is offering. The main goal of digital marketing is to bring traffic to the company’s website and generate leads. There are many ways through which digital marketing campaigns are run on various platforms and online display advertising is one of them.

MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is a young and award-winning digital marketing company that is providing online display advertising services from the last many years to all kinds of industries and company sizes. Display advertising helps in attaining business aims by targeting the right audience through eye-catching ads.

What is Online Display Advertising?

Display advertising is one of the ways of digital marketing that attract the right audience on the company’s website by running an eye-catchy advertisement on various digital channels like social media platforms, apps, video channels and etc. The advertiser pays a little amount of fee for online display advertising whenever someone clicks on the ad. Display advertising is a right way of building a brand image and spread its awareness. This has a mass reach and therefore display advertising is considered one of the superlative ways of generating conversions.

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Types of Online Display Advertising

The online display ads can be created in various ways like simple text banner, image, or a video that will wish the audience to click and get to the landing page and make purchasing. MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is counted among the best display advertising company for providing the following types of ads.

Banner Ads

This is the most common and conventional practice of advertising that is usually displayed on the top of the websites as a banner.

Video Ads

The good way to reach the targeted audience is through video ads. Video ads are more engaging and worth spending time and money on it as it connects to the audience on an individual level. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc has given new opportunities for video advertising.

Rich Media

This kind of ad is developed using audio, video, and elements that can be clicked within the ad itself.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are shown as a webpage that the audience sees first before they see the actual page that they wanted to see.

Advantages of Online Display Advertising Company


Better reach to the desired audience at the right location and at the right time.


There are various types of online display ads right from the banner, audio, video, to interstitial and etc that one can choose suitable to their business needs.


Online display ads have a better reach than any other form of advertising therefore one can actually select the perfect geo-targeting and demographic location and websites to match the preferences of the audience to achieve a better conversion rate.


Google Ads gives a chance to measure CTR, impressions, and clicks to see the effectiveness of the display ads. The google analytics further help in checking the engagement rate and its presentation to improvise the existing ads or even for launching new ads.

Online Display Advertising Services

The team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We begin our work by first understanding the business requirements of our customer and formulate the online display advertising plans that are included in the following aspects.


It is very important to know the motive behind running online display advertising that whether it is for retargeting the abandoned users, building brand awareness, fostering loyalty, or generating new leads via the purchasing process? The display ad strategy is then formulated as per the well-defined aims. The display advertising has an average CTR of 0.06 % CTR across all the platforms and formats, therefore it worth spending time on drawing best search engine marketing strategies to float display ads.


It is very important to know your audience. The team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS do careful research to learn the preferences of the audience and market size before running display ads. Nowadays since 95% of the people do online searches to find the products and services that they need. Our team of experts collects such data to decide demography, geographical location, time slot, keywords matching to queries of the audience, and suitable channels to launch the display ads to reach the right audience.


Once the tricks and targeting are done the display advertising content is developed by our team of developers, designers, and content writers. It is very important to develop impressive ads that call for high- level creativity. Our team of designers makes a high resolution, creative, and clear images and videos for the display ads. On the other hand, our expertise team of content writers use high ranking keywords, use different kinds of texts, and do the formatting in such a way so that the content should make the audience curious to learn about the products or services and compel them to act rapidly.

Useful Landing Pages

Once the audience clicks on the display ad, they are conducted to the landing page. The landing page plays a crucial role when it comes to conversion. The team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS develop landing page by using company logo, relevant images, brief information about the products/services being offered, adding customer testimonials, and etc to generate good leads.


Team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS run audits regularly to check the performance of the online display advertising by measuring CTR, impressions, clicks, and ads reach to know the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. This helps them to improvise the existing ads or to develop a new ad from scratch to help our client to meet their business aims.

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