LinkedIn Ads Management Services

With 500 million executives and business decision-makers, LinkedIn gives the best platform if you are providing products and services for B2C or B2B channels. LinkedIn is rigorously used by business professionals who want to grow their business and career aspirants. Since LinkedIn is not different from any social media platform and has professional nature that’s why advertisements are taken seriously over here which leads to better conversion rates.

Modulation Digital Marketing is a renowned digital marketing company in India having years of experience in providing digital marketing services to all industries and company sizes. Our team of professionals provide LinkedIn ads management services right from creating strategy, launching ads, to performance evaluation.

What are the Advantages of LinkedIn Campaign Management?

services. The nature of content and interactions happen here is very professional that provides the good platform for all the companies to run their ad campaign and grow their businesses. The advantages of LinkedIn advertising are given below.

LinkedIn ads management gives the opportunity to advertisers to target the desired audience by job title, location, company size, and many other features. This provides better and exclusive targeting.

  1. Higher conversion rate.
  2. Various Ad types to promote brand and products.
  3. Advertisers can choose a daily budget or total budget options to run ad campaigns.
  4. Insights and data to evaluate ad campaign performance.

Categories of LinkedIn Ads Formats

Sponsored Content: Sponsored ads are shown in the LinkedIn feed of the targeted audience in the form of video ads, single image ads, and carousel ads. With sponsored ads, advertisers can achieve better campaign engagement, increase lead generation, make better professional connections, and expand brand awareness.

Message Ads: Message ads enable companies to contact their possibilities by sending direct messages via LinkedIn messaging. This leads to better engagement with the prospects and encourages them to take immediate action(purchasing).

Dynamic Ads: In this, the ad campaign can be personalized using LinkedIn data profiles like job title, photo, and company name, to enhance the engagement rate. Dynamic ads have three formats as given below.

  1. A) Follower ad: Promote the LinkedIn page to gather more followers with a single click on the ad.
  2. B) Jobs ad: Job ads help in gathering relevant job applicants by using job title, skills, member groups, member schools, member interests, etc to related the ads.

C)Spotlight ad: This helps to generate more traffic on the company’s website through a LinkedIn ad campaign and encourage visitors to take action like doing the registration, learning about a new product, etc.

Text Ads: Text ad formats enable advertisers to send customise messages to the prospects or simply create their own ads in text form and launch it in instantly. In this, the advertisers paid a small fee every time when someone clicks on the ad campaign.

LinkedIn Ads Management Services

At MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS we begin our work by understanding business requirements and business goals. We do in-depth research to learn about the targeted audience, market size, and competitors to develop result-oriented marketing techniques and execute them successfully.

Sign in to Campaign Manager: We first sign in to the LinkedIn campaign manager to create an account on behalf of our client and provide the following details.

  1. Company’s name
  2. Product information
  3. Location
  4. Ad type
  5. Unique ID for the ad campaign
  6. Timeline to run the ad campaign

Ad Campaign Objective: After understanding the business needs our expertise team defines the ad campaign objectives based on following three categories.

Awareness: In this the ad campaign targets new audience and expand brand awareness at larger scale.

Consideration: In this, the ad campaign encourages prospects to visit the customer’s website, watch the video, and interact with the company’s executive to get catalogue about the products or services that are being offered.

Conversion: In this the ad campaign focuses on lead generations, insist prospects to purchase products and services, as well as gather relevant job seekers.

Targeting: LinkedIn campaign management enables better targeting by using LinkedIn profile data like the company’s name, location, job title, members group, members interest, skills, etc.

Ad formats: LinkedIn provides different ad formats for best targeting, brand awareness, lead generation, etc. Team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS carefully choose the ad format to fulfill business requirements and meet business objectives. The ad pattern provided by LinkedIn are given below.

  1. Single image ads
  2. Video ad
  3. Dynamic ad
  4. Text ad
  5. Message ad
  6. Carousel image ad


Bid and Budget: After choosing the ad format it’s time to select budget options. The company can either go for a total budget or select a daily budget option to keep a check on money limitations. After this bidding can be selected from three options given below that is best relevant to the budget cap.

Automated bid

Maximum CPM bid

Maximum CPC bid

Create Ad Campaign: Our team of designers, developers, and content writers work together to develop better ad campaign with high-resolution images, and creative designs.

Set Ad Campaign: LinkedIn campaign management enables advertisers to preview their ad campaign before establishing them. For sponsored content, text ads, or message ads, the LinkedIn campaign manager produces previews in different backgrounds and sizes.

Campaign Audit: Team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS analyse the data provided by the LinkedIn campaign manager to evaluate the performance of LinkedIn ads. This help in assessing the campaign’s reach, clicks, CPC, impressions, engagement rate, and purchases.

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