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Google Shopping Management Services

We are living in a digital world where the majority of things are just one click away. With an increase in internet users, E-commerce is also increasing at a rapid pace. Today 95% of people make online searches before buying any products or services. To make the online shopping experience more suitable, Google launched Google shopping management to bring buyers and merchants on one platform. Google shopping is mainly a shopping search engine by Google. Google shopping permit people to find products and compare their pricing, reviews, product information, and seller options to see merchant ratings.

MODULATION is providing an entire suite of digital marketing services from the last many years. MODULATION assists their clients in Google shopping campaign management to run a successful ad campaign and attract more traffic on their websites. After all more traffic means more conversions

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How is Google Shopping Ads Management Help in Business?

If you have a company’s website then it is really important to mark your online appearance through digital marketing campaigns. Google shopping campaigns work on a pay-per-click basis. Here the advertisers pay little fees to Google when someone clicks on their ads. Google shopping allows sellers/merchants to display their products in a streamlined manner to reach out to their desired audience.

Google shopping management provides a live feedback of product data to the sellers. To show the entire product range in product data the sellers need to feed the information on the specific format guided by Google for their authentication. The list of these specifications is given below.

  • A unique product ID
  • Title of the product in text format
  • Product information in text format
  • Choose predefined categories on Google to showcase product category
  • Product type in text format
  • Link of the landing page
  • Product availability status information
  • Product Price
  • Sale price/discount/promotional offer price

Once the product data is given by the seller as mentioned above, the shopping ads are created automatically using the same information. This provides authentication of the products which helps buyers to do safe online shopping and in return help sellers with a best conversion rate.

How MODULATION Help in Google Shopping Campaign Management?

At MODULATION we hire the best talent to give outstanding digital marketing services with timely delivery of the projects. Our expertise team uses modern tools and software to give the best and customized digital marketing services. To begin working on a project team MODULATION first learn and understand the business requirements and business goals to formulate the result-oriented strategies and successfully execute them to make our client’s business stand out among the competitors.


The well-defined business goals help in formulating well-defined strategies. It is very important to understand the purpose behind opting for Google shopping ad campaigns. The purpose is to create brand awareness, retargeting, new leads generation, or fostering fidelity.


Our expert team do the research to know the targeted audience and market size and understand their preferences. As per this data, product listing is done to get a best response through Google shopping ads management. Google shopping permits us to float ad campaigns in different countries at the same time. If our customer is selling product in different countries then our team specify the country name to run google shopping ad campaign to reach out the maximum audience.

Product Data

Once the technique, strategy and targeting are done the product listing is developed. The content regarding the product information is developed using high ranking keywords to match the queries of the audience for a better conversion rate. Here it is important to know that our team follows all the guidelines given by Google and keeps on updating the information in case of a change in pricing, business offers and etc to match the information available on the company’s website. If the product data feed fails to match with the information given on the customer’s website then Google does not display the ad of the respective product. That is why it is important to follow all the instructions thoroughly to provide relevant data.

Creating and Organising Shopping Campaign

The Google shopping ads management creates ads automatically using the data feed by team MODULATION. To make productive ads our team creates high-resolution product images and high-ranking keywords. Apart from this team MODULATION organizes Ads group. For small companies with limited product range generally, we make one Ad group but for large companies with huge product ranges, we split the ad groups according to brand, category, saleability scale, and etc.

Google Shopping Bid Management

After organizing the product groups, our team of experts starts biding on the individual products or on the product group as per the product range offered by our client. It is most important to note that unlike other PPC campaigns, the bidding is not on keywords but on the products in google shopping.

Useful Landing Pages

Once the audience clicks on the display ad, they are directed to the landing page. The landing page plays an important role when it comes to conversion. The team MODULATION develops a landing page by using the company logo, relevant images, brief information about the products/services being offered, adding customer testimonials, and etc to generate good leads

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