Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks in world with two billion-plus monthly users. Today for every business, it is beneficial to use Facebook advertising services. Facebook advertising helps a business in more lead generation, more online followers, spreading brand awareness at a large scale, and thus giving better ROI.

 Facebook advertising gives innovative targeting opportunities and various ad types to help every company in their business growth. At Modulation Digital Solutions we provide complete Facebook ads management services right from creating strategy, ad campaigns, launching ads, to monitoring its performance.

Facebook Ads Management benefits

Being the world’s largest social media network investing in Facebook ads management is beneficial in the following ways.

Access to one of the best social media networking

  1. Competitive CPC rates
  2. Better audience targeting
  3. Fruitful leads generation
  4. Retargeting to connect with abandoned users
  5. Direct traffic generation via Facebook for the company’s website
  6. AI for data-based campaigns

Apart from these benefits Modulation Digital Solutions also helps its clients by providing suitable plans, proper guidance from our experts, statistical data about the audience and competitors, as well as formulating the best technique to reach out to the audience to achieve business goals. Being the best digital marketing company in India, Modulation Digital Solutions provides customized Facebook ads management services to take care of all the business needs and achieve remarkable business growth.

What all companies will get benefited by Facebook ads management services?

Facebook advertising is beneficial for all types of industries and company sizes. This is the easiest, economical, and fruitful channel of running digital marketing campaigns. Social networking has big scope when it comes to digital marketing. With 2 billion-plus users every month Facebook ads management helps every company by creating the best ad campaigns to spread brand awareness at a massive scale and help to stand out among their competitors. Facebook advertising also provides statistical data to evaluate the performance of an ad campaign and expert suggest to improvise the existing ad campaigns or launching new ads. If you are still having doubts about Facebook advertising then communicate with us. Our expert & experienced team will guide you and assist you with Facebook ads management services.

MODULATION Facebook Ads Management Services

The team of MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS have expertise in creating effective social media marketing campaigns. Our team will understand your business requirements, formulate suitable techniques, evaluate ad campaigns performances regularly for their optimisation, and provide results.


The well-defined business goals help in formulating well-defined strategies. It is very important to understand the motive of running Facebook ad campaigns. The purpose is to create brand awareness, retargeting, new leads generation, or encouraging loyalty.


Facebook ads management provides an opportunity to target mass audiences. After understanding the motive behind running the ad campaign our dedicated & expert team analyse audiences based on demography, geographical locations, requirements, and their preferences to divide them broadly into three types given below.

Broad Audience- This type considers age, gender, interest, location, demography, and performance.

Custom Audience- This type considers website traffic, existing customers, and interactions taken place between the visitors and your Facebook page.

This type is usually used for a remarketing strategy to keep the existing customers engaged with your brand. Lookalike Audience This type involves the customers having preferences and requirements with your existing list of customers. Based on these three categories and purpose behind the ad campaign team MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS set the targeted audience for launching a Facebook ad campaign.

Modulation Digital Solutions provide various options when it comes to ad formats to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook. The common qualities of any ad format include call-to-action, copy, tone, and media. The ad formats offered by MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS are given below.

Ad formats

Video ads

Single image ads

Canvas ads

Photo ads

Carousel ads

Catalogue ads

Creating Ad campaign

After learning the business requirement and purpose behind the ad campaign our team of designers and developers create superb ad campaigns to meet the business goals. Our expertise team creates Ad campaigns for the following business objectives.


In this, the ad campaign is created with an aim to target a new audience and spread brand awareness at a massive scale. Here, the focus is given to the audience who are most likely to buy the products or services offered by your brand as well as covering the maximum number of people in the desired audience.


In this, the ad campaign is created to encourage people visiting your site to watch, click, interact, and get engaged. This helps in generating more traffic, more leads, and hence more conversion.


In this, the ad campaigns are created to encourage existing as well as new customers to make purchasing of the products or services and in case of big E-commerce companies, it encourages customers to ask for catalogs, quotations, forms, etc to place an order.


Modulation Digital Solutions use various channels to evaluate the performance of Facebook ad campaigns. Our team invest time in doing analysis of the data given by Facebook ads manager and Google analytics. This helps our expert team to evaluate the Facebook ad campaign’s performance based on its reach, clicks, CPC, CTR, impressions, page views, bounce rate, followers, engagement rate, and purchases. At MODULATION DIGITAL SOLUTIONS our Facebook ad experts guide our clients by defining KPIs and analyze the ad campaigns to improvise their performance.

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